Football coaching camp in Chitral

Football coaching camp organized for children

GH Farooqui

CHITRAL: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Department organized a football coaching camp for children aged 12-14 years in the Chitral town.

About 200 children, including girls, from both Lower and Upper Chitral participated in the coaching camp, the organizers told ChitralToday here.

Football coaching camp for childrenThe coaching team comprised seven experts, including two foreigners and two women.

District Sports Officer Amir Zaman said the objective of the camp was to polish the talent of the youth of Chitral in football.

The team members said youngsters of Chitral had the potential to excel in football. They said girls should also be provided opportunities and facilities to take part in sports activities.

Taking part in any game is not only important for the physical and mental growth but it will also help keep the youth from unhealthy activities such as drug addiction, they added.

Some of the children said opportunities and facilities such as playgrounds and stadiums should be provided to the youngster in Chitral.

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