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AC accused of detaining Levies man, raiding his house

PESHAWAR: An assistant commissioner in Upper Chitral has been accused of misusing his powers by allegedly detaining a member of the Levies force, putting him in a horse stable for a night after he excused to take care of the official’s personal horse. 

The family of the Levies man complained that the assistant commissioner later in the middle of the night raided their house in Booni when the man escaped from the stable.

“The assistant commissioner sent dozens of Levies to our house to capture my cousin. They entered our house without any permission and manhandled and harassed women,” Sanaullah Khan, a member of the family complained.

He said the same official later in the day sent a jirga to them to hush up the issue and warned to make them an example if they informed the media or complained to senior government officials about the incident.

“Now even if the assistant commissioner is dismissed from service now or transferred from Chitral, the wounds he had inflicted on us and our family wouldn’t cure so easily,” Sanaullah Khan told The News from Booni and burst into tears.

The two sides had different versions of the story when this correspondent approached the assistant commissioner and the family members of the Levies man.

According to Sanaullah Khan, the story started from a peaceful conversation between the assistant commissioner and his cousin serving in Levies and was selected for the polo tournament four months ago.

“Polo is a very tough sport and requires a healthy and trained horse and obviously hard practice of the player. My cousin was busy in hectic practices and taking care of his horse when the assistant commissioner, not a polo player, called him and asked him to take care of his horse also,” he explained. 

According to Sanaullah, his cousin politely excused and told the assistant commissioner that it would be difficult for him to take care of the two horses simultaneously and then spare them for the practice.

He claimed the assistant commissioner, Shah Adnan, got angry and allegedly used foul language against him.

“The official warned him he would dismiss him from service as he was his commandant. To this, my cousin replied that he was a government servant, not his personal employee which prompted the assistant commissioner who ordered his immediate arrest,” he claimed.

As per his statement, the officer snatched his cell phone and put him in the horse stable for a night and warned him he would not let him participate in the Shandur polo tournament.

During the night, the Levies employee, Ikramul Haq, managed to escape from there.

According to the family member, the official got infuriated when he came to know about his escape from the horse stable. He allegedly sent the Levies force to arrest Ikramul Haq from his home.

“I don’t mind if they had arrested my cousin and put him in the horse stable but the way they entered our house in the middle of the night and mistreated our women has caused us heavy wounds,” Sanaullah Khan complained.

He alleged that the assistant commissioner on Saturday sent a jirga after the media people came to know about the incident and called him for his comments.

“The official warned us of serious consequences if we didn’t resolve the issue. There was no option as my cousin is the only son of his parents and we cannot afford to confront the official” Sanaullah Khan said. 

When reached, assistant commissioner Shah Adnan first denied the incident, saying nothing had happened, but when this correspondent reminded him of some of his remarks to the Levies sepoy, he confirmed it but narrated his story differently.

“Actually I fell from a horse while trying to play polo. As I had no experience of the game and was hoping that these Levies men will come and help me,” the assistant commissioner said.

He said sepoy Ikramul Haq was standing there and he saw me falling from the horse but he didn’t bother to come and help him.

“Later, I called him and told him that I am the commandant of the Levies force and you should have rescued me when I was in trouble. He neither excused nor acknowledged his mistake and I put him in the quarter-guard from where he escaped during the night,” the assistant commissioner said.

He denied the claim of the family that the Levies men had manhandled and harassed their women. “Everything is fine as we have resolved the issue through a jirga,” he insisted. 

Deputy commissioner  Upper Chitral Manzoor Afridi said that he was not aware of any such incident, saying he would investigate and share the details with this correspondent.

He didn’t inform the correspondent about any details of the incident till the filing of this report. 



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  1. Junaid Khalid says

    Issues or problems always have multiple factor’s …we the people of Chitral have indulge into an extreme form of Peace …This peace had been creating a hurdle for us …these Civil servants AC and DC have unlimited authority and we people in front of them are like their slaves they can do everything with us and we do not know our constitutional rights ………..

  2. Irshad Ali says

    Arrogant and incompetent govt officials are frequently sent to Chitral on key posts due to sifarish where they become too big for their boots mainly because we give them undue importance.
    By highlighting the high-handedness of the grade 17 govt employee in the newspapers the family in Booni has done a great job and the matter should be kept alive till action is taken against the official.

  3. Chitral parast says

    This doesn’t surprise us, the locals have always been taken for granted by the incumbent officials. Just because we are humble and we have the spirit of tolerance doesn’t mean that we exist to endure through the incumbency of these ignorant self proclaimed tyrants. These “afsar shahi” and “babuism” things have continued to perpetuate oppressions in our societal order and social spheres. They have forgotten their words of honor and the pledges they have made to serve the public.

  4. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    کیس کی غیر جانبدارانہ تحقیقات کے بعد معلوم ہوگا کہ اے سی مذکور کس حد تک اپنے اختیارات سے تجاوز کیا ہے۔

  5. Suleiman Chitrali says

    KP government need to take action first against DC Upper because it all has happened under his administration, and next resume inquiry against this arrogant and bossy AC . Immediate transfer of both is necessary. We demand KP government for both DC and AC transfer.

  6. Yaqoob Booni says

    It is not something new whenever a new DC babu or AC babu comes to Chitral starts acting like autocrat. we demand both DC and AC immediate transfer as they badly failed in administration.

  7. Sultan says

    The AC thinks he has been posted to Upper Chitral to learn polo and make to the Shandur festival some day.

  8. Bibi Hajia says

    We hope that respected DC upper Chitral will investigate and deal the matter professionally..

  9. Sardar Nabi says

    The DC upper Chitral is an incompetent thus an AC is doing all this.
    Another ranker AC under the supervision of DC upper chitral is doing the things which directly violates rules. He visits different unrelated offices ignoring his duty to see public services in people deputed on public services.

  10. Shah Karez says

    This appears to be a travesty of justice. We hope the worthy DC Upper Chitral will prove his impartiality in dealing with matters like this.

    1. Mukhtar says

      Shame on him for his stupid action, he should be removed immediately and inquiry should be start, how he dare to raid the house Jungle ka qanoon. How everything is fine after harassing the family?

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