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Chitral miners convey concerns to govt official

PESHAWAR: Chitral Mines and Minerals Association and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce Peshawar have informed the director general Mines and Minerals about concerns regarding lease and other business issues in Chitral and demanded that action be taken in this regard.

A briefing on the policy should be given to help alleviate the concerns and anxieties of the business community. In the current block policy, if any rights have been violated and anyone found guilty of departmental negligence, action will definitely be taken against them.

In this regard, an important meeting was held at the office of DG Mines and Minerals where businessmen from Chitral led by Coordinator Sartaj Ahmed Khan and former provincial minister Saleem Khan met DG Mines and Minerals Muhammad Naeem Khan.F

Saleem Khan said protection of rights of local people should be ensured in Chitral as in other districts of the province as it is their basic right. Is. In the current situation, the people of Chitral are very dissatisfied with some of the policies.

Sartaj Ahmad Khan said the people of Chitral are very peaceful and hardworking but the current policy regarding leases and blocks has caused them great concern and difficulties. He said that it would be better if a comprehensive briefing was given by the department on the current policy regarding leases and blocks to guide the relevant business community of Chitral so that they could sit together and discuss to ensure that their concerns and concerns were allayed. can go.

The DG Mines and Mineral after hearing all the complaints from FPCCI clarified that with regard to leases or blocks in Chitral if the rights of the locals have been violated and nepotism has taken place then action will be taken against anyone found involved in this.

He said that he was ready to give a comprehensive briefing on the current policy regarding leases and blocks and all the concerns of the business community would be addressed in collaboration with FPCCI.


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