Bids invited for 28 road infrastructure projects in Upper Chitral

Bids invited for 28 road infrastructure projects in Upper Chitral

BOONI: Bids have been invited for 28 road infrastructure projects, including construction of link roads and bridges, in different areas of Upper Chitral.

In the bid invitations, the local government and rural development department of Upper Chitral has asked government contractors to submit their bids by the end of January.

The projects would be executed in the current fiscal year ending on June 30 at a cost of millions of rupees.

Some of the important projects include the construction of a jeepable bridge in front of Awi to connect Booni and Awi with the Shandur road.

This will also provide a short-cut alternative road for the people of Mastuj tehsil to reach Booni. The estimated cost of this project is over Rs15 million.

Bridges will also be constructed on Kroi Gologh and Mem Gol.

The construction of a jeepable bridge to connect Khuz and Dewangol villages on the right bank of River Yarkhun at a cost of Rs26 million will fulfill the longstanding demand of the locals.

Besides, solar power projects to supply water through tubewells in a number of villages have been initiated.

It is for the first time since the PTI cane to power in KP in 2013 that a substantial amount would be spent on the road infrastructure projects in Upper Chitral.







2 Replies to “Bids invited for 28 road infrastructure projects in Upper Chitral”

  1. Good to here that some important projects are to be excited in Upper Chitral. Jeepable bridges at Awi and Diwangole have been long standing demand of the people. At Sr no 8 of the bid list Location of a bridge at Yarkhoon is not clear.

  2. We the peoples of village Awi are grateful to KPK Govt for aproving funds for a bridge which will be a short cut and a bypass road for the entire Yarkhoon and Laspur vallies . Our sincere thanks go to Wazir zadah sahab also whose sincere struggle made the success. This bridge should be constructed at the side which has been visited and surveyed many times in the past and has been declared phisyble in every respect neglecting political pressure for change of side. Further, this bridge will be a short access to District head quarter Booni which vey often remains cut off fro m upper Chitral due to road damage on many locations in front of Booni during rainy season and earth quakes .Previous survey reports and phisybility assessments are available with the C&W department Booni

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