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Heavy snowfall across Chitral, power supply disrupted

[Picture: Chitral police]

CHITRAL: Heavy snowfall in Chitral, in some parts of Upper Chitral up to more than one foot, brought chill to the weather and affected mobility.

Accordingly to reports, Madaklasht, Garam Chashma, Kalash valleys in Lower Chitral and Khot, Terich, Yarkhun, Laspur and other areas received heavy snowfall.

The heavy snowfall affected mobility of people and disrupted power supply to Upper Chitral. It also forced villagers to close their small powerhouses.

On the other hand, the Chitral police saud snow had been removed from the approach road of Lowari tunnel. It said four by four vehicles were moving to Chitral from Dir side but the road near Baradam towards Dir was too slippery for driving.

The police said no vehicle without having snow chain would be allowed to proceed southward from Ashiret.

Reports from Upper Chitral also said powerhouses in many areas have been closed due to freezing of their water channels, leaving villages without electricity.

However, farmers said the heavy snowfall in January would be beneficial for areas facing shortage of water in summers.

It may be recalled that parts of Chitral had received the current season’s first snowfall on October 22.

The harsh weather condition created shortage of food items, and taking advantage of the situation shopkeepers increased prices.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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  1. Karim says

    There is more snowfall in different places compared to Chitral but the power supply is not disrupted. Why does it happen only in Chitral?

  2. Liaqat Khan says

    Petrol & diesel are sufficiently available from all pumps of PSO in Chitral at rates fixed by Ogra/PSO. Liaquat Khan Chitral

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