Man killed over land dispute in Shadok

Man killed over land dispute

CHITRAL: A man was stabbed to death and another injured in a clash between two groups of people over a land dispute in Shadok area of Chitral located in front of Shahi Fort across the river.

A brother of the deceased Tor Jan reported to the police that he along with his brother and others was leveling his purchased land when a group of people attacked them with bamboos and stones.

He said the attackers also sued knives and stabbed his brother Tor Jan in the chest and also hit his head with a stone. The injured was taken to the DHQ hospital where he died.

He said the attackers claimed that the land which he had purchased was their grazing ground.

Chitral city station house officer (SHO) Munirul Mulk told ChitralToday correspondent that so far four of the suspects have been arrested. He said the deceased belonged to Lachigram village of Damel.—Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. For decades after the fall of the state of Chitral 1969, it has been a routine that armed Damelis are hired and brought to harass people and grasp properties. These people are hired for fighting mostly on the promise of share in the grasped land The One who pays for them makes sets money for their daily wage basis and also amount to pay for the one who is injured or killed. Many incidents have happened because of this practice but no strong measures have been taken so far on behalf of the government.

    1. Sorry miater i wanna correct you as you can read english this land was purchased by them there no such thing like damalis they are also pakistani and chitrali and the man who killed that guy he was hired by gahtak(danin). we cant judge all damalis just because of few bad peoples , as some police are bad but we cant say all police members are bad

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