Civil society organizations demand start of work on all projects

Civil society forums demand start of work on all projects

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

CHITRAL: Civil society organizations from Upper and Lower Chitral at a meeting here called upon the government and its agencies concerned to start work on all projects that were inaugurated by the chief minister and other authorities.

Civil society organizations put up the demand at a meeting held under Chitral Development Movement (CDM) which was presided over by Qazi Ali Murad from Mastuj.

This was the first meeting of its kind attended representative of different civil society organizations from both districts lower and upper Chittral, said the organizers.

The meeting was attended by Lotkoh Development Forum, Drosh Action Forum, Karimabad Development Forum, Turkhow- Trich Road Forum, Arandu Action Forum and Ayun Forum.

All contractors should be required to start work immediately after the transfer of land compensation. Immediate and practical work should be started on Chitral-Garm Chashma Road which has gone through the stages of inauguration many times.

Funds for land acquisition for Chitral-Shandur Road and Chitral to Bumburate Road should be immediately transferred to the account of the deputy commissioner and practical work should be started without any further delay and funds should be released for construction of Karimabad and Arkari Road, Shoghor, Roji Bridge.

The participants also demanded payment of compensation to all those whose land had been acquired for the construction of Mirkhani-Aranandu Road.

The said construction work on Mastuj to Broghil Road should also be started. The construction work of Booni Torkhow Road, which has been going on since 2008, should be completed immediately.

Representatives from different areas criticized elected members of provincial and national assemblies for not taking any interest in public issues.

The meeting also expressed disappointment that recently Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman visited Drosh to see some saffron plants in a government helicopter but did not discuss with elders of the area regarding their issues and they were also insulted on the occasion.

CDM Chairman Waqas Advocate, Shabbir Ahmed, Inayatullah Asir, Razit Billah, Maulana Israr-ud-Din Hilal, Liaquat Ali, Engineer Isa Khan and others spoke on the occasion.

3 Replies to “Civil society forums demand start of work on all projects”

  1. Thank you Chitral Today to give coverage to this important event which affects all our lives in Chitral on a daily basis.
    I have personally heard many Presidents, Prime Ministers, Army Chiefs and Chief Justices expressing their alarm and dismay at the neglect of the roads of Chitral when ever they have visited our district. I have often jokingly told them that perhaps these bad roads have helped us to maintain our unique peace of life. But this is no more a joke. Something MUST be done to improve our road conditions and it must start WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY.
    People here are losing faith with the government of Pakistan.

  2. Representatives of civil society organisations belonging to different parts of Chitral came together for the first time in the history of Chitral. This must be an eye opener for those in the corridor of power to come to the rescue of this highly neglected region at this point in time.

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