Construction of high-rise buildings a threat in Chitral

Construction of high-rise buildings poses high risk to public safety

CHITRAL: Construction of high-rise buildings poses high risk to public safety.

Chitral is witnessing a competitive increase in the construction of high-rise buildings particularly in the main Chitral and Drosh towns.

This is dangerous as the area is on an active seismic zone, says experts.

But builders continue to construct high-rise buildings violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs). These high-rise buildings are becoming a permanent threat not only to people living and working in these compounds but also to others residing nearby.

Sources in the concerned government departments told ChitralToday that due to the sensitivity of the region only three- to four-storey buildings wre admissible in this area that too subject to fulfillment of certain building codes.

However, a construction engineer said even a four-storey building is not safe in such a zone. He said only two-storey structures should be allowed.

A geological expert said Chitral is a very dangerous zone for seismic activity and the jolts in 2005 and again in 2015 were enough to get alarm bells ringing but the authorities failed to take precautionary steps.

He said in the two earthquakes the epic centers were in the Hindukush region but their depth was too deep that was why damages were not too high.

However, both the quakes left many buildings, including the RCC structures damaged. Erecting high-rise buildings will be a permanent danger for everyone, says another construction expert.

It is learned from sources in the local government department that the competition of building tall structures is contradictory to the rules and SOPs.

The builders also ignore arranging proper parking and washroom facilities in these buildings. But there is no one available to get SOPs, rules and regulations implemented by the builders. 

Public circles have demanded the district administration and PDMA to take notice of this issue and take immediate steps to stop such activities. They also demanded strict adherence to the building codes and SOPs.


4 Replies to “Construction of high-rise buildings poses high risk to public safety”

  1. Its looks like a manipulated story without mentioning a details of such buildings are under way or approved by the Government in Chitral. If the learned writer is indicates about a proposed plan of a five stars Hotel in Chitral then we hundred percent understand that its totally baseless and useless news and totally based on political and personal dislike pleasure we saw a lot of stupidity is going in Chitral related with this specific topic. A few days before we saw a group had a protest against this project before we saw a well educated gentleman was appealing to PM ‘s interferes in a judicial case .so it’s an unfortunate continuation of targeting such a useful and beneficial project in Chitral for Whole Chitralies.

  2. This is a major issue and if not fixed timely could lead to sisasters. These high rise structures are disaster in the making/ Even in cities like Islamabad builders do not follow building by laws so here in Chitral in the first place there is no buildiung regulator what to talk of by laws and if there are some rules they will never be followed.
    International organizations and experts have already warned that Chitral is on active seismic zone so there is a need not to put in place stringent laws to ensure building safety .


  3. Such a none sense post without a truly research..if u go through the building code Bcp-SP07 u will find out the codes regarding design in such areas. I’m not going through in detail by saying’ Beware of half knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance..

  4. Strongly agree with the story published by Chital Today I am a practising Architect living Karachi this is not only Extrme dangerious but also iscourage the bautiful valley tradition of buiding habitat these valleys are precious with unique traditions , culture and living style and have unique topograpy that never demand and accept these tpyes of concrete giants our people should never allow these destruction approch in the Valley concrete structure is never responsive in these valleys .

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