Chitral economic zone to create 8,000 jobs: CM

Chitral economic zone to create 8,000 jobs: CM

CHITRAL: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan paid a day-long visit to Lower Chitral and inaugurated development projects and addressed a public gathering in the town on Tuesday.

  • Says Chitral economic zone to create 8,000 jobs
  • Singoor bridge built at a cost of Rs700m inaugurated
  • Opens Denin bypass and Ayun-Kalash valleys bridge
  • Groundbreaking on Kalkatak-Chitral road and Broze bridge performed.

The chief minister commercially launched the Chitral Economic Zone which is expected to create 8,000 direct and indirect job opportunities while an investment of Rs620 million is expected in the economic zone.

During the visit, the chief minister inaugurated Singoor Bridge which has been constructed at a cost of Rs700 million. Denin bypass road, Ayun-Kalash valleys bridge have been constructed at a cost of Rs50 million, Rs82 million, respectively.

The chief minister also inaugurated rescue station and BS Block at Degree College Chitral which were established at a cost of Rs64 million and 89 million, respectively.

Chitral economic zone to create 8,000 jobs: CMThe chief minister performed the groundbreaking of several projects which included Kalkatak-Chitral road, Broze bridge and the eight km Karimabad road. These projects would be completed at a total cost of Rs290 million, Rs50 million and Rs100 million, respectively.

He also performed the groundbreaking of a 46-km-long Kalash Valleys road which would be constructed at a total cost of Rs4.2 billion. The chief minister also launched beautification of Lower Chitral project worth Rs280 million.

Addressing the public gathering at Chitral town, he announced several new projects for the district. He announced to give permanent status to employees hired under the settlement of land project in Chitral. He also increased firewood allowance for government  employees from Rs45 to Rs100 per day besides announcing establishment of a media colony for journalists, upgradation of women and children hospital, establishment of women resource centre and construction of Drosh bypass.

Addressing the gathering, the chief minister said that a scheme to establish a sports complex in Lower Chitral was reflected in the current annual development programme.  The establishment of colleges in Drosh and Garam Chashma had  been included in the development programme, adding that Rs1.28 billion were earmarked  in the current budget for Chitral University.

He stated that work on the projects worth Rs33 billion was underway in the district which on completion would bring about a positive change in the district. Physical work on Chitral-Booni-Mastuj road would be started soon. He said the provincial government was working on several projects of highways and economic zones in the province which would make the province a hub of trade and industrial activities in next four to five years.

He said the establishment of Chitral Economic Zone would usher in a new era of development in the region and create employment opportunities.

The government is fully aware of the difficulties faced by the people due to inflation and concrete steps are being taken to reduce this inflation and provide maximum relief to the poor and middle class of society. 

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  1. Out of 8 thousands almost 60 percent will come from swat and surrounding and 30 percent from swabi and might be 10 percent from chitral ,s PTI lovers,if it is real. PTI even has not created 80 jobs for chitralis in its 8 years government. Unfortunately class 4 jobs are not available for chitralis. PTI is creating vocume and issues between uper chitral and lower chitral. So we chitralis fight each other for posting and transfer. And they get benefits

  2. Just like 1 crore jobs were created in Pakistan as promised and 5 million homes were built in the sky, this promise also sounds like that, as usual.

  3. this msn is befooling people of Chitral and nothing else. For about eight years PTI is in power in KPK and did nothing for Chitral just making promises. This is a topi drama party of suckling children but we chitralis get carried away and celebrate lies churning out by PTI drama baaz people.

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