Grouping in PTI Chitral exposed during CM's visit

Grouping in PTI Chitral takes ugly turn during CM’s visit

CHITRAL: Grouping in PTI Chitral took an ugly turn when almost all the office-bearers of the district cabinet for Lower Chitral were detained at Bakrabad and elsewhere to stop them from participating in a public gathering addressed by the chief minister of KP, Mehmood Khan on Tuesday.

The police detained PTI Lower Chitral district resident Sajjad Ahmed, general secretary Shahzada Faisal, Drosh tehsil president Irshad Mukarar, general secretary subdivision Drosh Behram Saeed, senior vice president Mehmood Baig, senior tehsil vice president Hayatur Rehman, and party leaders Mehtab Ziab and Haji Abdur Rehman.

Talking to media, PTI district president said it was strange that he and his cabinet were not allowed to meet the chief minister of the province belonging to his own party in the government of his own party and in his own district.     

He said it was actually a conspiracy of the chief minister’s adviser Wazirzada Kalash, chamber and commerce president Sartaj Ahmed and Abdul Latif to stop the party office-bearers from meeting the chief minister and expose the poor performance of Latif and Co. He said such tactics would be disastrous for the future of the party. 

The police confirmed to ChitralToday that they had been directed not to allow Irshad Mukarar and Irshad Dastagir to proceed from Drosh to Chitral to meet the chief minister, and other party office-bearers did not proceed to Chitral in solidarity with them.

Irshad Mukarar was detained under 3 MPO when he reached Bakrabad from Drosh.

Later, the matter was resolved and the chief minister met the office-bearers and also announced development projects for Drosh tehsil.

Meanwhile, Zar Bahar, a PTI worker from Yarkhun Upper Chitral, was also detained and stopped from reaching Chitral town.

The PTI Chitral has faced grouping in its ranks and files for long particularly teo groups each led by Abdul Latif and Rehmat Ghazi and others.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni.

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