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Expat seeks action against occupation of land

 CHITRAL: A man in Gobor has been accused of occupying the land of an expatriate besides attacking and dragging him to court as a pressure tactics.

Addressing a press conference here, Ilyas Ahmed, who works abroad, said in 2009 his father had purchased 790 kanals of land at Zedak area of Gabor from Hyder Ali Shah, son of Ataliq Jaffar Ali Shah.

Out of this land, his father Fayaz Ahmed gave 40 kanals to some local people on rent and continued receiving rent for four years. Later, a man namely Muhammad Hussain of Gobor insisted that my father should pay him extortion money. When he refused, Hussain instigated the tenants of his land and pitched them against his family.

He said Hussain also occupied a public grazing ground and started receiving extortion from the owners of cattles for grazing there.

Mr Ilyas said when he reached his land along with some labourers this year, the gang led by Hussain attacked him. He said they beat him up and he was hospitalized with 19 stitches in his ears. In the hospital, Hussain also managed to get him tied with a bed, he alleged.

Mr Ilyas said on his complaint on the PM’s portal, a revenue official visited the area and submitted a report against Muhammad Hussain and also imposed section 145 on the land. However, section 145 was later lifted on the direction of a local court.

Mr Ilyas appealed to the prime minister and other authorities to provide him justice against Muhammad Hussain.–Bashir Hussain Azad

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