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The first day of spring

Shafiq Azam

Today on 21st March of 2021, people around the globe are celebrating Navroz, the day considered as a festival that heralds the beginning of a new year and said to be the first day of spring.

On this day the Shia Ismaili Muslims around the globe specifically in Chitral observe Navroz, the day starts with a rite putting some flour on the five pillars of the traditional houses in the very morning of the festival and the process will be demonstrated by the senior member of the house. In this regard I questioned the local resident Madam Shazma Ahmad (Ambassador Islamabad Pindi Region) and asked her to tell us the details of the festival celebration. She concluded her words in concisely“ just as we celebrate Eidulfitr and Eidul-Adha , same we also celebrate this day with joy”.

Moreover, the preparation starts day before 21st of March, in that day people clean their traditional houses as well as many types of dishes are prepared for the next day and most of them are made up of milk. The very special dish related to this festival named as “KileemShoshp” it has a unique taste like sweets. The people put walnuts oil on top of Shoshp and enjoy eating. Moreover “ KileemShoshpa” is more special as special as the day, it is only cooked for the special day of Navroz and for the other days there is another type of Shoshp which is made up of walnuts oil.

Nevertheless, in the early morning the whole family members wear a new clothes and go out and go to other relatives houses to give warmly wishes of Navroz Mubarak to each others and also a time of family gathering and enjoy celebratory meals of the day.

(Shafiq Azam is student of Mass Communication at International Islamic University Islamabad).

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