Woman killed, two injured in attack by young man

YARKHUN: An elderly woman was killed and two others were injured when a young man opened fire in the house of his in-laws in Bang village on Friday morning, local sources told ChitralToday.

They identified the deceased woman as Khosh Nan, 60 years old. She was married in Booni but lived in her parents’ house in Bang after the death of her husband.

The sources told ChitralToday that Junaid Akber, son of Sardar Khan of Bang lower, had married the daughter of Gul Zaman of the same locality about a year ago. 

However, his wife was not ready to shift to the house of her husband. On Friday morning, Junaid came to the house of his in-laws and started arguments with his wife and others. The angry man then opened fire in the house due to which Khosh Nan, sister of Gul Zaman, was hit by a bullet and died on the spot. The wife of Junaid and his mother-in-law were inured.

Police have shifted the injured to hospital along with the body. The alleged killer had escaped after the incident but was later arrested from a forest near his house. 



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