Nothing is safe under PTI govt: JUI chief

Nothing is safe under PTI govt: JUI chief

CHITRAL: Molana Fazlur Rehman while chairing a Khatme Nabuwwat conference in Chitral on Thursday warned the PTI government not to push the opposition to the wall in the name of accountability and keep in mind that one day you would also have to be in the dock.

The conference organized by his party was held at the parade ground of Chitral and attended by a large number of people.

The molana said under the PTI rule the economy has crumbled, endangering the stability of the country.

“Today nothing is safe in the country be it our life, belief in finality of prophethood and sanctity of companions of the prophet (peace be upon him), vote of the nation or job opportunities for the youth.” 

Molana Rehman said rising inflation and joblessness has broken the back of not only the labourers and other poor people but also professionals such as doctors, engineers and teachers, creating uncertainty among the masses.

When people are passing through a hard time, the government has absolved itself of its responsibilities only because it is not the true representative of the masses but the product of rigging and has come to power by making a robbery on the votes of the people.

He said the power that be were warning him not to speak about alleged rigging in the elections “but I swear in the name of Allah that I will say even if put in the gallows that you have rigged the elections.”

He also said mega projects had been launched during the previous governments in different parts of the country but this government has shelved them and has been talking about prioritizing poultry products and selling eggs etc.

He said the CPEC projects for Chitral and Dir have also been shelved that could have created job opportunities for the local and put the area on track of development.–Bashir Hussain Azad

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