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Cattle market fails to attract buyers of sacrificial animals

DROSH: Most of people from Drosh and nearby areas could not find suitable sacrificial animals at the cattle market here this year.

The cattle market used to be established near the Drosh bazaar in the past but this year due to the coronavirus pandemic it has been set up away from the populated area.

This is one of the reasons why there is no rush of buyers in the cattle market this year.

But those visiting the market complained that there were no healthy and big animals and the prices were too much.

Some of the locals said the district administration allowed transportation of a large number of animals out of the district before Eidul Azha this year.

This created a shortage of the animals leading to the higher prices, they added.

After the construction of the Lowari tunnel it has become easy for animal owners and traders to transport animals to Dir and other areas for sale at higher rates.

The locals called upon the district administration of Lower Chitral to limit the shifting of animals out of the district in order to avoid shortage and high prices before Eid.




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