Wheat price goes up by Rs3 per kg

YARKHUN: Wheat price has been increased by the government by Rs300 per 100 bag available in the sale points of the food department, local people told ChitralToday. 

The owner of a shop being used as a sale point by the food department Chitral said the department was supplying wheat in bags weighing 100 to 108 kg.

He said it was available at about Rs34.38 per kg. At this rate, a bag of 100 kg earlier cost over Rs3,400.

He said an official of the food department informed today that Rs3 per kg had been added to the price of wheat. So now a 100 kg bag of wheat would be sold at over Rs3,700, he added.

It has been learnt that most of the sale points in Yarkhun have already run out of old stocks and are waiting for new supply. Locals said due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown people made panic buying but the food department was yet to replenish the sale points.

The shopkeepers here said prices of wheat flour in the open market had also gone up. They said people of the area mostly depended on the wheat available at the food department sale points and godowns.

the locals criticized the rising prices of essential commodities and said the government should stabilize the prices and ensure the availability of wheat in the sale points.


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