My brother did not commit suicide

CHITRAL: The brother of the man who reportedly killed himself by jumping off from a hilltop yesterday said he did not commit suicide but embraced martyrdom by accidentally falling into a ravine.

He said the person who had told local media about the incident had enmity with his family and that’s why he claimed that the deceased committed suicide due to joblessness.

Maqsood Ali of Mroi Payeen had told local media on Wednesday that Rehmat Jahan, son of Ghulam Jalil, could not fulfil the wish of his four children to buy new clothes etc for the forthcoming Eidul Azha and committed suicide.

However, Khosh Jahan, the elder brother of the deceased, on Thursday said how a man who possessed over 100 acres of agricultural land in Torkhow and Mroi as well as bank accounts could kill himself due to poverty.

He said his brother accidentally fell into a ravine and embraced martyrdom.

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