Arandu road will open new era of progress: PTI leader

DROSH: Residents of Arandu have welcomed the KP government’s approval to start construction of the main road to their area which remained in the doldrums for years even after spending millions of rupees on the project.

The provincial government has included the project in the rural roads development programme to be executed under funds provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

In a statement to ChitralToday, Haji Sultan Muhammad, a senior PTI leader from Arandu, said a team of consultant engineers was due to visit the area and survey the road.

He said about five years ago work on the road was initiated through funds from the UAE and billions of rupees were spent on blasting of mountains and expansion of retaining walls.

He said about 70 per cent work on the project had already been completed and it would be ready at a minimum cost and within short period of time compared to other similar projects.

As an international standard customs clearance point is being set up at Arandu town, the construction of the road would help not only boost international trade but also develop the backward area.

The 28km long road from Mirkhani after reconstruction will also help explore mineral and tourism potentials of Arandu valley which have so far remained untapped, he added.

Jalalabad city of Afghanistan is located at a drive of about five hours from Arandu and with the constriction of the road and opening of the trade route with Afghanistan traders belonging to Malakand division could also use the Arandu border through the Lowari tunnel.


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