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Aur bhi kuch maang

Wazir Ali Shah

With the current pandemic, our life has been deferred between hope and disparity. A race to clinch the flagship of discovering the nature fall asleep to conquer the new horizon. The human capability has almost failed to get relief from this minor test of Almighty God.

The head of states are in single page to declare that we have failed to find a solution to this pandemic. The developed countries, including super power USA, have achieved great milestone in scientific development but they seem trapped to find out a relief from COVID-19.

This fear has driven every human being to see a miracle to come. Our homeland Pakistan is also passing through the same situation and with a downturn economic aftermath caused by the pandemic. The holy month of Ramazan is one of the blessings of God where we can pray and seek help from God to take away this crisis and forgive all our sins and bad deeds.

Allah is Rahim and Kareem and as a Muslim we strongly believe in God’s mystical creative power “kun fayakun”.

We need to be connected with God and must not lose hope. In such a dreading atmosphere, offering prayers, zikro azkar and listening to Hamd and Naat sharif give big relief to our intoxicated hearts.

One day while browsing such heart touching naat sharif, I found one of the impressive Naat Sharif Aur Bhi Kuch Maang by Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah.

A beautiful naat sharif is produced by F.E.W. The band where he has well summarized the countless blessings of God and gave us a hope to be listed by God.

In this, he stresses to call and connect with God who gives more what we ask to give and we must not lose our hope and connection with God. He says don’t consider the limitless today ask for more. 

It really touches the hearts deeply and gives us hope not only God get all us of out from this trouble but his blessings are enormous. Allah is Meherban.

He says He is considerate to generously give today, ask for more.  He is considerate to generously give today, ask for more….. The lord has filled your bowl in every instance……..Don’t be miserable stretch your arms to ask for more. 

Mr. Zulfiqar a rising artist from Chitral always shows his presence with unique idea and presentation. In his Aur Bhi Kuch Maang, he has tried to bring peace to mind and spread the message of hope and sound connection with God in all hardship of our life.

You must listen once to his naat sharif to feel the experience of hope bestowed by God on us:

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