Woman among three new coronavirus cases

CHITRAL: A woman among three new coronavirus cases reported in Chitral . The three fresh cases took the total number of COVID-19 patients in Chitral to 10 on Friday, according to results available with ChitralToday.

The new cases were identified as Abdul Azam, 47, a resident of Terich in Upper Chitral. He was quarantined in Booni upon his return from Peshawar and after confirmation of the virus has been shifted to the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Booni.

The second patient, Bibi Sara, 24, is from Damel Nisar. She was also on quarantine in Drosh upon her return from Peshawar. After testing  positive for the virus, she has been shifted to the THQ hospital, Drosh.

The third one, Sher Azam, a taxi driver from Ashiret. He has no travel history but had taken Abdul Azam of Terich to Booni.

With woman among three patients, the total number of coronavirus cases in Lower Chitral reached seven and in Upper Chitral three.

So far, all but one of the confirmed patients in Chitral turned out to be infected outside Chitral. They all were quarantined during which they developed the symptoms and later tested positive.

Hundreds of people coming back to their home villages in Chitral from different cities of Pakistan have been quarantined in both Lower and Upper Chitral.

The administration of Lower Chitral district has been very strict in keeping the returns on quarantine while in Upper Chitral most of the people were allowed to go home and maintain self-isolation.

In Mastuj, three quarantine centres still remain vacant as no one returning form outside Chitral was shifted there by the administration.–Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. Where are the loudmouth so-called elite showering praise on the incompetent admin officials? They left no stone unturned in flattering ‘highly incompetent, and inefficient’ city managers under the open sky when they relaxed Section 144 to greet a cricketer. They danced to the tune of the baboos when it was a writing on the wall that sooner or later Covid-19 cases would certainly surface given the poor management by the ‘nauker shahi’. Nauker Shahi still rules the roost and an opportunist mafia is red alert to please them despite knowing they are into a dirty business. This is the reason the inhabitants of the mluntains are now facing threats. I wish and pray : may Allah send all the Covid19 viruses to hit those who poorly managed the pre-coronavirus situation and to those who were dancing to the tune of these poor city managers for reasons best known to them.

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