Covid-19 awareness drive by activist concludes

BOONI: Covid-19 awareness campaign launched by CHEPS Chairman Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost concluded in Upper Chitral after about a month.

The environment and social activist carried out his drive from village to village with a slogan of “No one will care for you as you care for yourself and your people” on March 22.

Till April 19, Chitral was considered as a corona-free zone. But the first case along with other consecutive positive cases in the valley showed the other side of the story.

The first visit by the social activist was to Gazen village of Yarkhun where CHEPS volunteers joined him to carry out the drive.

After a meeting with the volunteers, a task force was formed and assigned with a task to request all villagers to quarantine themselves in their homes.

Ismaili Local Council members joined the meeting and assured the volunteers that they will help the government by acting on the guidance and following the precautions.

From village to village, the same message was conveyed and the task force committees were asked to take care of their families and community in this hard time.

A few days ago, a group of individuals in every village were trained to make face masks as a part of the Covid-19 awareness campaign.

This visit also gave an opportunity to follow up on those individuals assignments. The masks made by the volunteers were compatible with market stuff. Those masks were later distributed among the public.

In Mastuj, a meeting was held with almost all stakeholders. Ismaili Local Council, public representatives and government bodies were present in the meeting.

Shahzada Sikender also joined the meeting while representation from Parkusap and Sarghuz were also invited to the meeting.

A village task force committee was proposed to be created to ensure the government guidelines and help out the government in the fight against the coronavirus. Assignments and guidelines were given to responsible members.

The CHEPS chairman said the government alone cannot win the battle against the virus. Being citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to take safety measures which is the demand of the day. Stay home will make us stay safe.–Afzal Wali Badakhsh


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