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Motorcycle hits and kills elderly man in Yarkhun village

YARKHUN: An elderly man died a few hours after being hit by a motorcycle in Khruzg village on Thursday morning.

Local people told ChitralToday that the motorcycle driven by a youth of the same village hit the elderly man, Mast Khan, who was walking along the main road on Wednesday evening.

Khan suffered injuries to his forehead and bruises on the face and was taken to his house where he passed away early on Thursday.

Sources in the village told ChitralToday that the relatives did not made a complaint to the police about the incident.

The deceased was laid to rest on Thursday and despite coronavirus restrictions and imposition of Section 144 a large number of people turned up at the funeral.

Time to check motorcycle-related incidents in Chitral 

Untrained and young men without licence driving motorcycles have become a nuisance for the public across Chitral, especially in remote villages, where there is no permanent presence of police. It is also one of the issues facing major cities in the country.

In a number of such incidents, people have lost their life or limbs and despite efforts by police the practice could not be controlled. Moreover, scores of young people driving motorcycles reckless also met accident and either lost their lives or sustained serious injuries.

The people of Chitral have for long been demanding proper action against underage and untrained motorcycle drivers to protect the life of the drivers as well as other citizens.

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