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Residents of five localities in Booni go on lockdown

BOONI: Residents of five localities in Booni have announced to discourage excursion by people to Booni Gol in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown in the area.

The residents of Pasnik, Chyandur, Bazandeh, Qasimabad and Lotdur at a meeting expressed concerns over influx of a large number of people towards Booni Gol for picnic after police and local administration did not movement of anyone towards Qaqlasht.

The residents of five localities in Booni said as Section 144 was imposed and residents were being asked to remain indoors and follow precautions to avoid the spread of the virus, many people, especially youth, from different areas started visiting Booni Gol on motorcycles.

They were also seen spending the whole day at Shiphishum and installing tents there. Keeping the threat of coronavirus in mind, the locals decided to observe a strict lockdown in the area.

Under the decision, people intending to visit Booni Gol would be discouraged and in this regard they residents also approached the local admin and the police to take action against those violating  Section 144 and the ban on pillion riding.

Talking to ChitralToday, social and environment activist Rehmat Ali said in the wake of the precautions making outings in groups was very dangerous and should be avoided.

he appealed to people to take advantage of the closures of offices and other activities by planting saplings in their areas. \Moreover, he also asked the youth to avoid hunting and sharing pictures of the hunted birds.

He said some youth were also sharing pictures of their recent visits to picnic spots on social media which should also be discouraged.


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