Public response vital to contain coronavirus

By Sarwar Kamal
As we speak, about one fourth of the world population is almost in complete lockdown. Public response vital to contain the virus. The novel coronavirus has contaminated around 200 countries irrespective of colour, language, religion, ethnicity and boundaries.
The human race is witnessing an unprecedented experience and event perhaps in its entire history. May be for the first time in an era of capitalism human dignity and life have been preferred over business interests.
Public places are deserted due to the coronavirus pandemic. This crisis demands patience, sacrifice, commitment, discipline and dedication. The situation will be catastrophic and beyond description if we will not realize its gravity.
The most powerful and resourceful nations are struggling to cope this challenge. On the contrary, our healthcare facilities are more vulnerable and fragile as compared to them.
The global economy is shrinking and collapsing, leaving millions of people jobless. So far, seven trillion dollars have been allocated worldwide as a relief package to the masses and to support the collapsing economies but the cloud of uncertainty is still over us.
Public response vital to coronavirus.
Our Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced a relief package to support the vulnerable fragments of society. In these testing times, the rich people should take care of the needy ones according to their capacity. The government must ensure food supply and hoarders should be given exemplary punishments.
There should be a complete unity, cooperation and collaboration at the world stage. Unfortunately, a blame game continues between China and America about the spread of the virus.
The USA is blaming China over disinformation and not providing some key data. On the other hand, China is blaming the Washington for its lack of preparedness and no seriousness attitude.
According to Beijing, USA didn’t play a proactive role to contain the spread of virus.
In the field of epidemiology we use a term flattening the curve which means by taking strict precautionary measurements we can reduce the number of infected patients to a great deal over a sudden period of time.
If there will be a spike in the curve the outcome for a country like Pakistan will be lethal and catastrophic because in this way our hospitals will be flooded and overwhelmed with patients as a result out numbering our doctors.
The main idea behind social distancing and lockdown is to flatten the curve. Islam is not only a religion but indeed it is complete code of life which addresses all issues concerning to human race.
Our holy Prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him, for the first time in history of mankind presented the concept and idea of social distancing, quarantine and isolation.
The yet proven successful strategy to the contain the spread of the virus is the Chinese model. The Chinese acted according to the true letter and spirit of our Holy prophet hadith. About 14 centuries ago our holy prophet Peace be upon his said: “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it, if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place,” (Sahi Al Bukhari).
During these testing times, our doctors, nurses and paramedics are our front line soldiers combating this virus. Their safety should be our top priority. They should be equipped with all the safety kits.
Public support is critical as far as the coronavirus is concerned. The people of Italy ignored and took it very lightly as a result they are paying the price now. The public should be educated about social distancing, quarantine, importance of washing hands with alcoholic sanitizer or soap for 20 seconds, using tissue paper during coughing or sneezing, keeping a distance of two metres from other people etc.

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  1. Dear Dr sahb after long time saw ur article and the points u hilighted are fabulous, u r always expressing serious issues whether that may relate to any topic. . Any how our best wishes are always with u for ur success . There is a keen need of u in the field of journalism . .

  2. very informative write-up by Dr. Sarwar Kamal brief analysis of current pandemic, we should follow all the approved protocols and suggestions of Dr. Sarwar Kamal especially engaging junior medical students in treatment of covid patient.
    Well-done Dr. Sahb keep it up. May Allah Al mighty protect us from this pandemic Aameen.

  3. I would like to add few important suggestions both for the government and public. Nowadays in public circles the utility of Chloroquine which is a anti malarial drug is a very hot debate. In my humble opinion propagation of such information is very irresponsible, criminal and unethical practice. God knows may be in future it will be a useful drug but currently there are not yet proven clinical results and enough data suggesting its utility.
    The WHO is also warning and discouraging people about the use of Chloroquine. Self medication could be fatal. At the same the government should prepare its self for all every challenge. We should hope for the best but prepare ourselves for the worst. Let’s imagine if there will be high spike as a result our hospital will be flooded and overwhelmed by Corona Patients as result out numbering our doctors.
    What should be our response???? In the second world war the junior medical students were promoted to treat the injured soldiers in the battle field. This was an amazing idea to meet the demand of the doctors. This adopted practice was very successful during the war. Similarly, our junior medical students (4th and 5th batch only) can play there part. They can take care and treat the patients of corona virus. I am sure at this level they have enough knowledge and ability to deal with this challenge. The government has launched a website mic Pakistan. Pk/hackathon.Anyone can present there innovative ideas,opinions and suggestions the war as far as corona is concerned.

  4. U r the writer , who i always check your postes and the beautiful words of your’s.
    stay bless and keep itUp ❤

  5. A very informative and inspirational write up about the virus.Great knowledge and information for the masses

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