Action sought against hospital for not treating Chitrali nurse

CHITRAL: Former minister and PPP Chitral leader Salim Khan has demanded the government take action against management of North West Hospital Peshawar for denying treatment to a Chitrali nurse after she tested positive for coronavirus.

In a statement sent to ChitralToday on Thursday, Khan said the Chitrali nurse Irum Shehzadi was now fighting for her life at another hospital in Peshawar.

He said strict action was required against the North West Hospital management for their callous attitude towards their own staffer when she needed urgent medical treatment.

He said the nurse contracted the deadly virus while performing duty at North West without proper safety kits but when she needed treatment she was thrown out of the hospital.

He said the government should cancel the licence of the hospital to send out a strong message to other hospitals.

Irum Shehzadi, a resident of Sarghuz village in Mastuj Upper Chitral, in a video message from the isolation ward of Hayatabad Medical Complex also appealed to the government to take action against North West Hospital.

She said after developing the Covid-19 symptoms she informed her supervisors but they did not take it seriously. Later, she went to another hospital and got all the tests done that confirmed that she had been infected by the virus.

When she returned to her own hospital, she was not allowed entry and advised to go home on unpaid leave.

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  1. Let us see all those who are making statements do something practical for helping the girl nurse.

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