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More snowfall adds to miseries of passengers

CHITRAL: Intermittent rain and snowfall continued in different parts of Chitral on Sunday, creating hardship for commuters, especially on Chitral-Dir road.

Though traffic continued through the Lowari tunnel, due to slippery surface small vehicles were reported stuck on a number of turns near the tunnel. Most of the vehicles slipped away from the road and had to push them back to the road by travellers.

Reports said a number of vehicles were stranded on both sides of the Lowari tunnels. Kalash valleys, Gobor, Madaklasht, Bighosht and Golen have received heavy snow but roads to these areas were still open. But due to the cold wave, the roads, even in Chitral town, remained deserved throughout the day.

A number of tourists have also reached Chitral from different parts of the country to enjoy the snowfall. Most of them were interested in taking part in snow game of Crekghal.

Meanwhile, price of firewood has increased with the advent of the cold weather. The wood is selling at Rs600 per maund (40kg) in the Chitral town, Rs740 in Mastuj and Rs780 in Garam Chashma.—Muhkam Uddin Ayuni


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