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Rs32m estimated for restoration of bridges and roads

BOONI: The Communication and Works (C&W) Department has prepared a report estimating restoration of roads and bridges in Upper Chitral at a cost of Rs32.612 million.

Most of the infrastructure selected for restoration are however located in Torkhow and Mulkhow. The bridges and roads connecting different areas and the cost of their restoration are as follow:

In the area of C&W subdivision No 1

Pedestrian bridge at Samagol Mulkhow, Rs2317493, suspension bridge Nishku, Rs3772335, Pocjel Oweer road/repair of Bagh bridge, Rs2418271,

Charun-Zondrangram road 53 km, Rs740058, Charun-Zondrangram road sliding area 20 km Rs516810, Charun-Zondrangram road one km at Bumbagh, Rs1136820, approach road RCC bridge at Mizhgol Rs3311967, repair of suspension bridge at Kosht Rs810862, construction of temporary road to Kosht suspension bridge Rs810882

In the area of C&W subdivision No 2

Repair of Kargin bridge at Chapali Rs872197, Zhupu bridge at Yarkhun Rs945867 and Mastuj-Broghil pass road at Sholkoch at a cost of Rs1217183.



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