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Tunnel to remain open for light traffic from 4am to 6pm

CHITRAL: The district administration on Sunday issued a new schedule for opening of Lowari tunnel, saying it would help minimize suffering of the travellers in snowy days.

According to the new timings, the tunnel will remain open for light traffic from 4 in the morning till 6 in the evening.

Heavy traffic would be allowed to pass through the tunnel from 6pm to 10pm.

From 10pm till 6am, the tunnel will remain closed for all types of traffic, an announcement from the district administration said.

On Jan 1, the road to the Lowari tunnel in Chitral side remained blocked for 11 hours after heavy snowfall. 

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  1. Akhtar Ali says

    There is no schedule for any tunnel any where in the world. Is this a special tunnel or are the Chitralis a special people? I think the second case is true. Chitralis are a “SPECIAL” people for whom special rules are formulated.

  2. Shafiq says

    The NHA is only good at issuing schedules and restricting use of tunnel. It is zero in keeping the road open and facilitating travelers. Down with this rogue organisation.

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