Why the modern man is so confused?


If we compare 21st century or the modern world with previous centuries, it become baffling to think how people of the past were different and how they tackled with problems. Imagine how we would react when we face such problems today.

But if we look at the 21st century, we realize how the modern man is confused?

How modern men are running away from realities? How modern men are not facing bitter realities of life? How modern men are full of difficulties and sorrows? How modern men are hollow? As the modern poet T.S. Eliot says: “We are the hollow men, we are the stuff men”.

It could not be wrong if I quote a saying: “Welcome to this century where losing a cellphone gives more pain than losing a relative.” We, the modern men, have become the victim of Industrialization. We the modern men are confused in each and every stage of life.

This is all because of denying the Islamic rules and norms.

This is all because of moral decline and not giving respect to our elders. We remain no more siblings, there is rivalry.

In this modern world, we are so much busy that we forget our identity and our existence.

And all these are the reasons which lead us to this condition that is why it is true that modern men are confused.–Aurangzeb Shahzad

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