Resolution seeks separate platoon in FC for Kalash community

CHITRAL: A resolution has been submitted in KP assembly to request the federal government for allowing appointment of Kalash youth in the Frontier Constabulary (FC).

It may be noted that Kalash community of Chitral cannot join FC as the force has separate platoons only for Sunnis and Ismailis from Chitral.

This rule was created many years ago when some Chitrali personnel of FC from Chitral belonging to Sunni and Ismaili communities had a scuffle.

In order to avoid such an incident, the Chitralis were kept in separate platoons on the basis of their sects.

But this left no room for the small community of Kalash to join the FC.

Keeping this in view, MPA Wazirzada, who represents the Kalash community in KP assembly, managed to get the resolution signed by a number of other MPAs and sumitted it to the assenbly.

The federal government has been requested in the resolution to create a separate platoon for the Kalash community so that they can also join the force without any discrimination.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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