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Protesters try to lock THQ hospital Drosh

DROSH: A large number of angry people tried to lock the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Drosh as a protest against unavailability of female doctors in the hospital for one and a half years.

However, the protesters, led by JUI local leader Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir, were assured by MPA Molana Hidayatur Rehman that the issue would be resolved soon.

Though the protesters dispersed peacefully, Qari Jamal started a protest sit-in outside the hospital till appointment of lady doctors.

The issue of the female doctors at the THQ hospital started in mid-2018 when three doctors were transferred out without providing any substitutes.

Every tome the area people raised the issue with authorities concerned, they were assured of its resolution or the health department sent a doctor or two only calling them back after a few weeks.

The protesters said due to unavailability of the doctors, women of the whole area were suffering a lot.

They called upon the chief minister, health minister and other authorities to appoint female doctors at the THQ hospital without further delay.

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