Volunteers repair broken roads in Booni

BOONI: Volunteers from the Ismaili community have started repairing roads in Booni after the government failed to maintain them even after decades.

In the recent past, especially when Prince Karim Aga Khan visited Booni on Dec 9, 2017, volunteers from the Ismaili community also repaired the broken roads in Yarkhun, Mastuj and Booni.

Visit of Aga Khan: Ismaili volunteers start repairing roads

Local people on Sunday paid tributes to these volunteers for their community service.

They also criticized the government for its callous attitude towards the public issue.

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  1. Where did the district government funds go. We had district government, district member and Tehsil member, where did they spend their funds and two MPAs from booni and present mpa. NAB and financial investigation agencies should investigate from tehsil to provincial level. salam to volunteers and representatives of booni who do by themselves. Local bodies representatives should show their funds here did they spend.

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