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Govt throws its back behind Langlands School principal

PESHAWAR: The governing body of The Langlands School and College held a meeting with the chief secretary KP, commissioner Malakand, deputy commissioner Lower Chitral and other government officials here on Thursday to discuss the issues facing by the school.

A follow-up meeting regarding the governance structure of the school will be held in the coming week, said the DC of Lower Chitral in a social media post.

In the interim, the government assured the school that it would extend its full support to the institution.

Commissioner Malakand Mr Riaz Mahsud gave an assurance to the school’s governing body that the government stood fully behind Principal Carey Schofield and would support her in her work.

“Anyone taking the law in their own hands would be dealt with strictly as per law,” he added.

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  1. shahzaib khan says

    Why did she befool chitrali people saying that she was working volunteerly?

  2. Jan Khan says

    The Commissioner Malakand like the case of former DC has compromised on the public interest, betterment, and interests of the people of Chitral. So unlucky and unfortunate situation we see in Chitral.

    1. Ismail Baig says

      For an educational institution there is only one bottom line. Does it provide good education to its students. Its the parents who can judge this. Everyone one else whether its the Principal, its Board of Directors or the government bows down to this. So many parents one talks to say that the quality of the school is good, the level of discipline is high and they are satisfied. Some parents say that they were shocked to see their children in the protest and they have been very upset with them for allowing exploiters to use them. So let the parents speak about the performance of the school and all this noise will die down.

      The accounts of the school since Ms Carey took over are all done according to the best practices in the field by one of the best accounting firms in the country and they are available for everyone to inspect. The decision of the Board of Directors to pay Ms Carey the amount that was due to her for many years and not to allow it to go on accumulating was a reasonable decision . The price that had to be paid is equally reasonable. We need to appreciate a foreigner coming all the way from UK driven by a goal of public service to come and live in Chitral and give us a part of her experience. Whether that part was worth it is for the parents to judge. So let the parents speak up and settle this crisis. If that is not done we may live to regret our silence.

  3. Syed Harir Shah says

    I am wondering that the Govt authorities are fully backing Miss Carey, the Principal of GD Langland School and College Chitral for her wrong done, according to the school community (students and parents), who are now a days openly protesting against her attitude, behavior and policies, she completely failed to deliver quality education service to the people of Chitral. What ever the enternal reasons are, but surly the quality of the school is very poor comparative to the time of GR Langland. I am also wondering and concern to see that why the state authorities are openly backing her without investigating the affairs of the school and College? some thing fishy fishy. If the school community is not happy with her performance, why the authorities are happy and backing her? She is there for well-being of school community ,or and she is not the state representative posted there to lookafter the well-being of the authorities.
    I suggest an independent inquiry into the affairs of the most prestiges educational institution of Chitral, we do acknowledge the post contribution of this institution.

  4. Tariq Mahood says

    Carey has badly failed as principal. She is said to be yelling at the students all the time which badly affects the confidence of young children. Chief secretary needs to recokn her age,as she is above 68 which is against the educational policy of govt of pakistan.
    Moulana Abdul Akbar sb you are requested to kindly save this historic school before it sinks.

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