Cruel govt dropped Garam Chashma road project: Salim Khan

PESHAWAR: Former provincial minister and PPP leader Salim Khan on Friday regretted that the PTI government has not proposed or allocated funds for any development project in the two most backward districts of Chitral.

Speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, he said the government even dropped a number of projects for Chitral from the annual development programme (ADP) of the previous year.

“On my request former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had allocated Rs9 billion after including the Chitral-Garam Chashma Durah road in the federal ADP, and even tendering process for the mega project had been started. But the current cruel PTI government dropped the project and meted out step-motherly treatment with the 50,000 population of Garam Chashma.”

Mr Khan said Upper Chitral was a new district only on papers and the PTI government just issued a notification and did not bother to allocate funds for proper functioning of the district. He said the upgradation of the tehsil headquarters hospital Booni, the headquarters of the new district, had been included in the previous ADP but this fiscal year no funds have been set aside for it.

He said that Prime Minister had announced the establishment for the Chitral University but so far sufficient funds have not been allocated for it.

Mr Khan said that the government should include the Garam Chashma road in the ADP and allocate funds for it otherwise the area people would be forced to launch a protest move.

6 Replies to “Cruel govt dropped Garam Chashma road project: Salim Khan”

  1. We request to NAB and income tex departments to investigate salim khan,s income and wealth with money trail,banking informations and salaries what he received from the government. And now where he stood. Chitral is a small place and where all know each other and their financial position. But investigate all political personal and government officials.

  2. This guy remained MPA for 10 years and even was a minister and could not get funds for this road and still has the audacity to demand construction of the road. Was there no Journalist to stand up and ask him why he did not construct this road during his 10 year representation?

  3. I agree this PTI govt is not a friend of chitral and is stabbing the people by shelving vital projects such as garam chashma road and shandur road. show me any good work this govt has done since last year except looting people.
    Our chitrali leaders i think cannot be bold enough to start joint agitation against this govt. so disappointed with imran khan.

  4. this I knew today that on your request nawaz sharif had included garam chashma road in psdp and approved 9 billion rupees for it. Now nawaz sharif is gone, you should stop crying.

  5. When his (PPP) government snatched the already allocated funds for Lawari tunnel and took them to Multan, the fellow did not whisper a word, rather he was defending that criminal act. Now he is acting as champion of Chitral’s interest. “Politics, thy name is hypocrisy”

  6. What you did during your ten years tenure.First five years golden hand,if you would have done something for your home Tehsil instead of crying now. Even you did not do basic needs for your area. You don’t need to show your teeth now.All know what you were doing to establish your own business and built house . All know what your financial position was before.

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