No teachers: IT lab at girls school left unutilized for 12 years

BOONI: Due to unavailability of IT teachers, computers and other items at the laboratory of Govt High School for Girls Booni are gathering dust.

The well-furnished IT lab with 17 computers and furniture was set up at the school 12 years ago. But even after so many years, the government failed to appoint even a single IT teacher for the lab.

As a result, not only hundreds of students from Booni and other parts of Upper Chitral remain deprived of an opportunity to get computer education but also these computers and their accilary items have started developing faults.

The Govt High School for Girls Booni caters to a large section of population and the ratio of girls aspiring technical education is rising in the area.

It is a pity that despite claiming to promote education successive governments failed to provide facilities in educational institutions.

If one government provides facilities to any institute such as this lab at the Booni school, its successors do not bother to appoint teachers rendering such an initiative useless.

Recently, an IT teacher, Tehmina Faryal, was sent to the school under the government’s internship programme.

But when the packed computers were opened for the first time since their arrival after over decade, most of them had developed faults.

On public request, PTI councillor Rehmat Ghazi has promised Rs100,000 for the repair of the computers but without using these computers one-time repair would be useless.

Local people and students have called upon the deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral and authorities of the education department to take notice of the issue and arrange teachers for the IT lab so that students could get benefit and the costly computers and the lab do not remain useless for ever.

Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Sirang

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