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Young man drowns after driving vehicle into river

DROSH: A student of Chitral University from Balach, identified as Salman Ahmed Khan, son of Noor Ahmed Khan, drowned in river Chitral in front of Naghar on Saturday in what appeared to be a bizarre stunt attempt.
Eyewitnesses said the youth, who was member of 4×4 Club of Chitral, was seen driving his jeep on the riverbed and another young man was making his video.
In the meanwhile, the driver turned the vehicle towards the river and seemed trying to cross it.
Onlookers who were far away shouted at him not to venture into the deep water but to no avail. Soon afterward, the vehicle along with the youth was swept away. The man tried to swim to safety but could not succeed.
Police have taken the man who was making video of the driver into custody and are investigating the case.



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