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New policy approved to discourage unnecessary transfer of teachers

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has approved a new posting/transfer policy for elementary and secondary education throughout the province.
The new mechanism is meant to discourage unnecessary postings and transfers making teachers responsible to both their dedicated and allocate responsibilities for the quality education.
The chief minister said PTI government would never compromise on the future of students. It made a number of decisions for the quality education which would be further improved.
The chief minister was presiding over a meeting held to focus the new policy of postings and transfers in the elementary and secondary education.He said that education will continue to be the priority area of his government. 
His government would take all out steps to remove weaknesses in the system. It provided everything that was missing for the last seven decades.
Thousands of teachers have been recruited, curricula reconciled with the new and modern needs and infrastructure expended to considerable level.
He said his government discouraged absenteeism of teachers and formed independent monitoring unit and took all efforts for the improvement of education.
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