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Another student kills himself

Report Sirajuddin
One more student in Chitral allegedly took his own life on Thursday after receiving his Intermediate exam results.
Police sources said that according to initial information, the student had been unable to secure a foreign scholarship and had obtained lower test scores than his two close friends who had been selected for the scholarship.
The boy, who was apparently disheartened after receiving his exam results, shot himself, the sources said.
A friend of his said the deceased was someone who enjoyed life and would often be seen smiling and happy.
“I am still not ready to believe that he has committed suicide,” he said.
Exam scores were released by colleges at 4pm on Monday but due to poor internet facilities in the region and excessive load on the website, many students were only able to see their results later.
Earlier this week, three students living in different areas of Chitral attempted to end their lives, reportedly after they received their intermediate exam results and felt disheartened over their performance. One of the three was recovered dead, one has not been found, while the third survived a suicide attempt.
Though it was believed by family members in all three cases that the students were saddened by their results and this was in all likelihood the reason for them to take such drastic measures, police officials said they would investigate the incidents from all possible angles.
Police sources said they would file cases after investigation. So far, no cases have been registered. The police has been directed to fully investigate suicide cases in the area as the suicide rate is higher than average.
According to Chitral-based civil organisation Human Rights Programme’s chairman, Niaz Niazi, a large number of suicide cases go unreported in the area due to poor police action.
Niazi said that around 40-45 people commit suicide annually in Chitral. In 2018 till date, some 20 people have taken their own lives.
Mr Niazi said that in most cases, locals and relatives of the deceased did not inform police of suicides due to the prevailing culture in the area, and that police also did not probe these cases.
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