Torrential rain destroy crops; road to Yarkhun blocked

YARKHUN: Midnight torrential rain, which locals described as unprecedentedly heavy, destroyed harvested crops, fruit trees and land in two villages of the Yarkhun valley, local residents told ChitralToday.


The rain lashed the area at midnight and continued for about an hour during causing flooding in Meragram (No 2) Gol that destroyed agricultural land near the government primary school. Harvested and standing crops as well as fruit trees were also swept away.

The other affected village was Dizg, where dry nullahs were flooded within half an our of the rain destroying properties and causing losses to the residents. The road to Yarkhun valley has been closed in Dizg as the floods have damaged it in more than four points.
The Yarkhun road was also closed in the Sich village located on the left side of river in south of Meragram No 2. 
The flooding also cut off water and electricity supply to the villages.
In Nisur Gol, Parwak, flood damaged crops and other properties and blocked the Chitral-Mastuj road. Shagram village in Torkhow was also affected by floods after downpours which also swept away a bridge cutting off links to a number of villages including Khot, Rech and Ujnu.
The floods also damaged irrigation canals in all the affected villages. Many streams in upper Chitral’s Yarkhun valley had started flooding late in the evening even though there was no rain.

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