Another woman commits suicide in Chitral village

CHITRAL: A 22-year-old woman ended her life by hanging at her parents’ house in Mori upper village in the jurisdiction of the Koghuzi police on Sunday.

The police said the husband of the woman had died of heart attack in a hotel in Bumburate valley a few days ago after which the woman was in distress. The woman’s husband belonged to Bimburate and worked in the hotel as a manager.

Noorul Islam, the father of the woman, told ChitralToday  that the police took the body to the District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital Chitral but there was no doctor available and the relatives were kept waiting for the process to be done when this report was filed at about 2:30pm.

This is the 25th case of suicide in Chitral within the last just seven months. Most of the suicide victims were young women. Despite repeated demands and concerns expressed by the public, the government and civil society have done nothing to check these rising suicide cases. –GH Farooqui

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  1. She was living happily and educated, but, hearing the news of her husband’s early death in Bumburet, she became unconscious and then went into trauma and later developed neurosis. I knew her personally; she was my relative. May Allah (SWT) forgive her and give strength to her family and relatives to bear this irreparable loss!!

  2. these women are living a miserable life, they have no other way:(the case would be different). The reason could be poverty, she might had thought of life without husband, who will support her? Its very difficult for a uneducated woman to run her house hold economy, she knew it that no body is there to support her, in such circumstances they find no way and commit suicide.

    1. Komal shah u have generalized the cause of suicide. There are many place in Pakistan where women are in far worse condition (rather people are in worse condition) than in Chitral. Every incident has its own causes. The subject incident is not due to poverty that is due to her love and affection for her husband. Unfortunately most of the victims are educated, that shows schools and colleges have a role to play in creating awareness and promoting confidence among women to coup with hard time in life.

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