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Chumarkhon Football Club wins spring tournament

Press Release
DROSH: Pakistan Zindabad Jashne Baharan Football tournament 2018 ended at Col. Murad Stadium with Chumarkhon Football Club (FC) as the champion.
Chumarkhon Football Club wins spring tournamentCommandant Chitral Scouts Col. Moeenuddin was chief guest at the final ceremony. He was accompanied by Lt. Col. Khurram Nazir, Lt. Col. Adnan and Major Kheitran.

Talking to the gathering, Col. Moeenuddin lauded the organizers for arranging the event. He said Chitral Scouts will extend every possible support to the people of Chitral. Col. Moeen said the construction of a cricket stadium and football ground in Osiak was near completion with the financial support of the Army.

He said Chitral Scouts will also chalk out a plan for construction and improvement of Col. Murad Stadium in Drosh. He urged the people to take active part in making Chitral peaceful and developed part of the country.

In his welcome remarks, renowned social figure Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir lauded the support of Chitral Scouts and the Army in different pro-community activities and requested to maximize the support as there were no other options.

The football final match wa played between Chumarkhon FC and Falcon FC Chitral and was decided on penalty kicks which resulted in the victory of Chumarkhon FC.

Attaur Rehman of Chumarkhon FC was declared as man of the tournament and Liaquat (goalkeeper) of Chumarkon FC as man of the match. The tournament was jointly organized by Chitral Post and Ideal Football Club Drosh with the patronage and support of Lt. Col. Khurram, the wing commander Drosh.

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