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Madaklasht villagers decry non-completion of water supply project

CHITRAL: The residents of Madaklasht have called upon the authorities of Water and Sanitation Extension Programme (WASEP) to lay pipelines in their area to resolve scarcity of drinking water.
In a press statement on Tuesday, the residents of Dasht and Bebaand villages said the pipes had got damaged during the floods last year and they had approached the officials concerned of WASEP.
Later, an engineer of WASEP visited the area and carried out a survey. They said work on the project was started but soon it was stopped without completing the laying of the pipes.
When the residents again approached the engineer concerned of WASEP, he told them that the work had been stopped due to a shortage of funds.
They said now when there was over two feet of snow the residents of the villages were without water. They regretted that such a well-known organization had stopped work on the laying of water pipelines without completing it.
They demanded that funds should be provided so that the project could be completed to resolve the water shortage issue of the villagers.—Bashir Hussain Azad

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