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Selection of office-bearers for PTI Upper Chitral illegal: Latif

CHITRAL: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  Chitral President Abdul Latif rejected selection of office-bearers for the party’s Upper Chitral and declared the convention held by Rehmat Ghazi and other leaders as unconstitutional.

Speaking at a press conference here, Mr Latif also announced his decision to issue a show-cause notice to Mr Ghazi, Shahzada Iskendarul Mulk and Sardar Hakim for calling what he said the illegal worker convention.
Mr Mustafa on the occasion rejected his nomination as the general secretary of the PTI Upper Chitral at the worker convention held in Booni on  Monday.
He explained that as the new district of Upper Chitral was yet to become functional, bifurcation of the PTI’s Chitral chapter had no legal status.
He referred to his meeting with the party’s regional president Mehmood Khan and said there was no discussion on the bifurcation of the PTI Chitral into two districts.
He was of the view that without the proper formation of the new district the creation of the PTI Upper Chitral chapter hat too without the consent of the regional president was not justified.—Muhkam Uddin
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