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District admin trying to occupy private land, say protesters

The protesters chanted slogans against the district administration and the mine department for calling tenders to auction private land located along rivers. They said due to erosion by floods and rivers, large chunks of private land along rivers had become desert but the administration was now trying to declare these land as state property under a 1975 notification of the provincial government which has never been implemented anywhere in Malakand Division. The landowners said they had reservations about the land settlement rules because a survey carried out under it was not authentic and full of flaws. Under this survey, an attempt had been made  to convert private land into state property. They also produced some verdicts of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Peshawar High Court that had been handed down in their favour as regard to ownership of riverbelts. The courts had also barred the local administration from any interference in the private lands. The protesters said the agricultural land in Chitral was limited and shrinking as most of it had been washed away or destroyed by floods and rivers. But the land damaged by rivers or floods and still uncultivated cannot be declared state property. District admin trying to occupy private land, say protestersThey said any new law should not be experimented in Chitral rather it should be put into force across Swat, Shangla, Lower and Upper Dir as these are also parts of Malakand Division. But the government never imposed such laws in these other districts. People of Chitral are most coolminded and civilized who hesitate to launch protests but it does not mean that their rights should be snatched from them. The protesters chanted slogans against the deputy commissioner and alleged that first he called then for a meeting but when they turned up the DC office main gate was closed on them. Later, the DC referred them to ADC Minhas Uddin. During a meeting with the ADC it was decided that the issue will be settled within one month. The protesters through a unanimous resolution demanded the chief of the army staff for an intervention in the issue so as to save the peaceful environment of Chitral. They also demanded the immediate cancellation of  the tenders invited for auction of the private lands. The protesters were led by Shahzada Gul, Shahzada Riaz, Dr. Haidarul Mulk, Syed Muzaffar Jan and Qazi Iftikhar Advocate.]]>

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  1. Mir Zafar Mohiuddin says

    My question to the Government and rulers of Pakistan is why land/mountains are sold in Murree (Punjab) per kanal and considered private property? why? My question is why mountains/land in Nathiagali (KPK) are considered as private land and sold in kanals by owners for crores of rupees. Why? Why mountains in Banigala Islamabad are sold at rate of per kanal as private property? One Pakistan different laws for different areas? why? The notification of 1975 says that people will have traditional/legacy rights of grazing and using forest for personal use only and as per revenue records the ownership will be with the Government of Pakistan. This needs to be challenged in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as it is openly against the charter of property rights.

  2. Ahmad Azam says

    Why the affected people not challenge the matter in the court? Instead of requesting COAS for intervention these people should challenge decision of district administration in the court which is best forum. The affected people should register writ petition in Peshawar High court if their claim is geniun.

  3. m fawad says

    The pti-led kp government is out to create a mess in Chitral. This action of the dc would have serious repercussions. The pti leaders in Chitral must intervene.

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