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Chitrali lawyer set to be posted as civil judge in Karachi

KARACHI: Raheel Hussain, a Karachi-based lawyer, has been appointed as a civil judge after he passed the exam and interview recently.

Mr Raheel is a native of village Dizg in upper Chitral. He did his LLB from the Sindh Muslim (SM) Law College Karachi and has been practicing as a lawyer with Ali Law Associates in Karachi.

He appeared and passed a preliminary test consisting of multiple choice questions conducted by the Sindh High Court (SHC). The candidates were required to secure at least 50% marks in this test in order to become eligible for sitting in a written test. After passing the two tests, the candidates were called for a final interview. Later, a merit list was announced in which Mr Raheel was placed at number 70th.

Sources told ChitralToday that there are over 100 vacant posts of civil judges/judicial magistrates in the province.

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  1. sadia khan says

    Raheel bhai we are proud of you?

  2. Muhammad Abdul Bari says

    well done bro keep it up for ever

  3. Fida Muhammad says

    Very well done. Keep it

  4. Waqar Ahmed says

    Congratulations dear Raheel for bringing laurels to the entire family and Yarkhun valley..

  5. M Fawad says


  6. NAWAZ says


  7. Mirza Naeem baig says

    Well done Mr.Rahil.congratulations to u and all family.

  8. Imtiaz Hussain says

    Heartiest congratulations dear Rahil. Very happy with your progress . Keep this up.

  9. Anwar Ali says

    Congratulation Raheel xan ..proud of u

  10. Mir.khan says

    Congratulations to Mr.Raheel Hussain Khan and Mr.Sam Sam Ali Advocate on this success. Its a good news for us.

  11. Brig Khush Muhammad Khan (R) says

    Heartiest Congratulations to Raheel Hussaian Khan, his able father and the family for brilliant success. Very well done.

  12. Kalim says

    Domicile matter ?

  13. Sahib Karim Khan says

    Congratulations, Adv. Raheel Hussain Khan. We are proud of you and your achievement. Keep it up & Godspeed for future 🙂

  14. Zahir Uddin Canada says

    Heartiest congratulations Raheel Hussain Sahib, Advocate Samsamio Ali Sahib,Ex EDO Ali Akber Khan, HM Zulfiqar Sahib Dr. Asad Sahib and entire family of Dizg, Chitral on this tremendous achievement that is matter of great honor for entire Chitral.

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