Ismailis to stay in seven villages during Didar in Booni

BOONI: As arrangements for the mega congregation entered final stages, Kuragh, Charun, Junalikoch, Booni, Awi, Meragram No 1 and Parwak lower have been declared the host villages whose inhabitants will be tending to all those coming to Didar from Yarkhun, Laspur, Torkhow and Mulkhow valleys.

In this regard, a list of about 3,000 houses have been prepared after their owners volunteered to host from five to 100 guests each. The Sunni community has not only offered to equally host the guests but is also participating in the preparation of the Didargah near Booni.

According to information gathered by ChitralToday, around 100,000 people are expected to gather at the Didargah from different parts of Upper Chitral, including the host villages. The Ismaili jamaat has decided that all those coming from Yarkhun will be accommodated inside Booni, those from Laspur valley will stay in Awi and Meragram No 1 while participants from Torkhow and Mulkhow valleys will be staying in Kuragh, Charun and Junalikoch.

The people of Yarkhun would be asked to move at least two days before the Didar, a date for which is yet to be confirmed. Counters will be set up in each of the host villages where volunteers will receive the guests and take them to a house in accordance with their numbers. The volunteers will have the list of people in the villages who have agreed to host the guests.

According to the list seen by ChitralToday, residents of Booni, Awi, Kuragh, Meragram, Parwak, Charun and Parwak have expressed their willingness and are making arrangements to host from five to 100 people each.

Arrangements are also being made in different villages such as Bang, Brep, Mastuj etc., to facilitate the night stay of people from upper Yarkhun and Broghil valley who would not be able to reach Booni in one day. On the day of Didar, a shuttle service operated by the Imami organizations will ferry the people from the host villages to the Didargah. Meanwhile, work on the preparation of the Didargah has entered the final phase with the construction of over 100 toilets on the riverside.

The local people, including the Sunni community, are taking active part in the work and have pooled in money to prepare the venue. Local philanthropists as well as the tehsil municipal administration (TMA) have provided heavy machinery and other vehicles to help the volunteers level the Didargah. Roads from Torkhow, Mulkhow, Yarkhun and Laspur valleys to Booni are also being repaired by the local people on a self-help basis to facilitate the Didar participants.


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  1. Mubaraki Mubaraki Mubaraki all the brothers and sisters for for auspicious occasion of Imama Zaaman visit. All the brethren May Allah showers his choicest blessing million folds. May you all have unity,success and prosperity. Ameen Ameen

  2. …so overjoyed, what else can I say…we are all Mualims and this prooves that no amount of demonisation in the media will separate us or have us to hate each other!!!
    Let us prove that we are better than that. Ameen

  3. Mubarak Mubarak Mubarak. This has reminded me the Hijrat from Mecca to Madina and the compassion shown at that time. May Allah bless all the Ummah.ameen

  4. I am proud to be Ismaili and Chitral is an example for all the musalman and Ismailis world over how to be united and work together in unity and accommodate all those families who are coming from other town didargrah, wish you all those who are coming for Mulaqat with our Imam Shah Karim alhusseini. we pray for all of you and request you all to pls D’ua and Deedar ‘sab ki yaad rakhna’ Deedar Mumbarak. Mowla fulfil all yr nek

  5. Kudos to the people of Chitral for coming together for such a historic occasion may you all be blessed with spiritual and material baraka and Zahiri deedar!!! Lots of love and blessings!!!

  6. You people of Chitral are an example to the whole Islamic Ummah and I am very proud of all of you. The whole Ummah should learn from you and emulate you. Well done and keep it up. May Allah bless you and keep you all. Amen

  7. Mubaraki to all my Brothers and Sisters….
    Marshallah that’s the true brotherhood unity amongst each other will make Bapa very happy. Sukhar the Imam is visiting Pakistan jamat after many years. May Allah shower His blessings all over the world… Ameen

  8. Praying for each and every individual that God grant them good health courage and keep them united like Islamic brotherhood whether they are Sunnies Ismaili or who ever we all are One and will remain One, Lots of Dua and Barajas,Ameen,Ameen,Ameen

  9. The world has to learn a lot from your unity which is a win win situation. Congratulations Chitral for leading the way. Canadians salute you with your strong pluralistic values.
    Mehrun Hassanali

  10. Reading this article at the other end of the world in Canada reflects the true side of our Islamic faith.
    May Allah bless the unity reflected by all Muslims to make this historic visit possible.
    Having been involved in economic development in the region in late 80’s it is really heartening to see the progress Chitral have made.
    My family wishes everyone involved lot of prayers for Barakaat and happy & memorable didar.

  11. Al hamdulillah. This is Muslim Brotherhood at it’s best. What a great example of unity love and affection amongst the ummah. Long may this continue.
    Hussein Allidina.

    1. It is heartening to come across comments of people one knows around the world, who are vibrating the same type of waves on hearing this kind of news. You are so right: Umma, a peaceful Umma, is a great dream. Ameen.

  12. His Highness is the state guest of Pakistan, but in context of Chitral both suni and Ismaili community equally welcome this high-profile guest in the land of Chitral. It give jubilation to both communities that one of the highest level spiritual leader, philanthropist, social worker and friend of humanity is going to arrive in Chitral. It is welcomed to the core our everybody heart.

  13. This news of such love among the different tariqah of Islam, wow! I️ am not only impressed, but am over joyed with emotions. Wonderful news! Keep this up; for such love is what will let us, as Muslims prosper in a harmonious Ummah. Shukhranlillah, alhamdulillah.
    I️ am proud of being a Muslim!

  14. What wonderful news.Mubarak Mubarak Mubarak.
    May Imam grant you all his rehmat & bless you all with his Zahheri & Batin deedar. Diamond Jubilee Mubarak.

  15. We pray may Allah Bless you Zaheri Didar. Great work to all the volunteers who are going to be hosting our Murids from different villages.

  16. Welcome to Pakistan Your Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. It was your late grand father the Aga Khan lll Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah who worked with Quaid e Azam to lay the foundation of Pakistan, thank you for your continued support to our beloved country Pakistan.
    Once again warm welcome from all Pakistanis.
    Ghulam Mohamed Panjwani

    1. Thanks a lot Mr.Panjwani,for your kind remarks for us and for ours beloved Imam. Are you sure you are Sunni Muslim? I am speechless, you got very wonderful soul and good thought,may Allah bless you and your family for ever,i feel very proud I am a Pakistani.
      JO dosro kee khushi maay kush hotta hai, Allah uss koo million times baar karkar datta hai. Kush rahoo for ever.

  17. We are created from one soul, demonstrate the same with our unity and brotherhood,I am proud to be a Muslim. May Allah ‘s Grace and Mercy always be upon all Muslims and there is peace and harmony in humanity.
    Best wishes to Muslim brothers and sisters of Chitral.
    Ghulam Mohamed Panjwani

    1. Maasha’llah, Mr Ghulam Mohamed Panjwani, what a happy man you must be feeling right now. My prayers are with you all for the excellent standards by which you people are living together, providing the proof of the very statement you are making: One Soul.
      Shukran li’llah
      I just listened to Imam’s interview where he cited the northern areas of Pakistan as one example of how pluralism can work. Looking back so many years from when the program was begun, in spite of itself, AKRSP, I am flabbergasted and speechless. May you people spread on the earth, far and wide, and proclaim what the power of humanity can achieve in face of the fake news of division, worldwide. Ameen!

  18. The Sunni community has not only offered to equally host the guests but is also participating in the preparation of the Didargah near Booni. Keep it up and don’t let any one to divide us unity is out strength. Love and respect from abroad.

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