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Base camps in Hindukush full of garbage, says mountaineer

Irena Mrak told local media at a hotel that they were trying to promote eco-tourism and mountaineering in the area. She said that base camps of the peaks in the area were full of garbage left behind by visitors, and the team tried to clean them. She said after collecting, the team brought the garbage and waste to the Chitral town so that it could be disposed of properly. Speaking on the occasion, adviser on tourism, KP, Abdul Naeem Khan said the provincial government was working on the promotion of tourism and the holding of the Shandur festival was a step in this direction. He said Gilgit-Baltistan had raised a number of issues regarding Shandur but the KP government resolved them in order to continue the holding of the annual festival. “Chitral is our heart and we will always be working for its promotion. I pray that all citizens of Pakistan also become nature loving and peace loving like the people of Chitral,” he added. He said he would take up all proposals for the promotion of tourism in Chitral with the chief minister and ensure the allocation of funds. Chitral Chamber of Commerce president Sartaj Ahmed and PTI leader retired Wg Cdr Fardad Ali Shah were also present.—Muhkam Uddin]]>

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