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  1. Dear Zar khan bhai, with due respect I beg to challenge the title of your post “special thanks from Arkari valley” which implies that everyone in Arkari is thankful to the MPA and MNA for telenor services. This is wrong because not everyone including myself is thankful to anyone other than Telenor which is a private company and has an autonomous management and it is their greatness that they have connected Arkari with rest of the world. However I do give some credit to the MNA for facilitating telenor to establish its connection in Arkari. The MPA can be thanked for other things which he might have done in Chitral, especially in lotkoh and specifically in Narkuret but not for telenor connection in Arkari. You can thank him on your behalf but not on behalf of the entire valley. Thank you bhai.

  2. Many thanks to MPA, MNA, Telenor company and others who have extended their best efforts to make this facility available in Arkari and connecting the valley with the rest of the world.
    Another main problem faced by the area is non availability of feasible road, we hope that MPA and MNA will focus on the widening and realignment of valley road in coming years.

  3. Dear Brar,
    es main na MNA Na MPA and Na District Nazim ka koi contribution hea Ham Arkari ke Awam serif Telenor walo ka Mashkor hain,pls MNA,MPA and District Nazim ka es main koi kerdar nahi.

  4. We express gratitude and thanks to all the Public Representatives and Shahzada Iftikhar and Telenor for this much needed achievement. Arkari’s traditional isolation is over, congratulations to those living in down country or abroad. This time when you intend to come home, bring along mobile phone sets as gift to your kith and kin. We hope the remaining areas will come under coverage very soon. We also hope that the local residents will stay within limits while using mobile phone. Use it for income generation or it will drag you toward more poverty by snatching your pocket money. Someone I called to congratulate for the new facility responded by saying he was already tired of the numerous calls, perhaps fatigue of the adaptation process.

  5. Heartiest congratulations to the people of Arkari valley for being connected with rest of the world. Very well done to all the Public representatives for their earnest efforts.

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