Sultan Mehmood notified as APML Chitral secretary general

In this regard, the provincial chapter of the APML has issued a notification. It may be mentioned that the president and the general secretary of the party are named by the central leadership while other office-bearers are picked by the president of the APML district chapter. Mr Sultan Mehmood, who had long been associated with the PPP, was close to former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. He remained associated with the PPP even after the assassination of Ms Bhutto though in a low profile. He worked with different non-governmental organizations in senior positions in Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Mr Mehmood has the honour of being the first and only Pakistani recipient of BBC world challenge award for the Plan B project which he received at The Hague Netherlands in Dec 2008. He headed the national solidarity programme under the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of the government of Afghanistan in the province of Badàkhshan. He is well known in Chitral and is well respected as a moderate political and social figure in the valley. The new president of the APML Chitral, Mr Sultan Wazir, said the party would be reorganized at the union council Kevel, adding more well-known people were ready to join the APML.]]>

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  1. Musharraf is a benefactor of Chitral no doubt about it. But those who took votes in his names in 2013 not only betrayed Musharraf but also did Khiyanat with the votes of people of Chitral. Our MNA repeatedly said that without supporting the prime minister he would not be able to bring funds for development of Chitral and four years down the lane I cant see any big project though there have been lots of promises.
    After reading comments in this newspaper that Sultan Wazir sb joined the APML after being refused a post in the PPP Chitral I have reached the conclusion that he and Sultan Mehmood Sb both had no place to play in PPP. This is very unfortunate that able and corruption free people are finding it hard to get a place in the largest party of the country. This means that corrupt people using money have occupied not only the PPP but also the PTI in Chitral.
    But instead of joining the APML which has no democratic credentials, the two Sultans plus my respected teacher Sher Wali Khan Aseer should have formed their own party to purely to work for the best interest of Chitral. There is still time for them to take such an initiative although they know better than me.
    thank you.
    Nadir Khan

  2. EID MUBARAK to every ONE.Allah PAK BLESS every one.I want to say thank u very much for ur fruitful write up.I wish all of us have the courtesy to express their views in a tramsparant way.Keep it up and God bless u gentleman.bye now.

  3. Wishing best of luck for Sultam Mehmood sahib I would like to say that both Sultan Wazir and Sultan Mehmood are highly educated, honest, sincere,well-matured, respectful, respected and renowned personalities across the district.Mr. Sultan Wazir Sahib is brilliant CSS officer and got elevated to the highest position of Income Tax Commissioner only because of his personal abilities and hard work. As for as Sultan Mehmood is concerned besides his personal qualities he posses the qualities of best writer and best speaker and he has headed renowned NGOs in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. we hope that both Sultan Sahibans will leave no stone unturned in utilizing their potentialities to serve Chitral to the best of their capabilities.
    Some of our friends such as Shah Adul Qadir Jilani Sahib and Guljee Sahib have their severe reservations about the political future of our two Sultans and think that political career of both Sultan is in jeopardy. we do appreciate and respect their difference of opinions. The difference of opinion has its own beauty and strength.It is not necessary that six lakh people will support one political party/leader. I know Shah Abdul Qadir Jilani only by name but I have great respect for him but as regards, Guljee Sahib is concerned, he is an honest, hard working, caring, generous, hospitable, helping kind and soft hearted gentleman.Any human and particularly any Chitrali anywhere in need of help he tries to reach over there for help and doesn’t care for his time and money.As regards his dislike for APML is concerned(Ka seher kori asuni)
    Eid Mubarak to Editor In Chief Zar Alam Chitral Today and all writers and readers as well.

  4. This is unbelievable! Sultan Mahmood-a friend and a brother, who always believed in the democratic principles; has now joined the party of the General no matter how good the General himself may be for Chitral but still the basic ideology and the strength he draws from, is the Armed Forces. Now politics and Soldiery are two separate things and one should not expect Gen. Musharraf to act like a populist leaders such as ZA Bhutto or BB Shaheed.
    It is a great loss to the party and its a tough one for Sultan brar himself because all his life he voiced for PPP and Bhuttos and now APML. What are the underpinning reasons we don’t know but if stalwarts such as Sultan Mehmood will be leaving the party; the top PPP leadership has to revisit its leadership policies and actions keeping in view the local context.

  5. ‏یہ صراحی سا بدن لیکر نہ میرے سامنے آ
    میں شرابی ہوں شرابی کا بھروسہ کیا ہے

  6. I honestly appreciate this decision of the APML high command. Welcome to brother Sultan Mehmood in the APML chitral district cabinet. Brother Mehmood is widely respected in Chitral.He brings with him a very huge experience of management. He had the opportunity to work with very reputed non-governmetal institutions. He is reputed to be a very meticulous organizer. APML Chitral urgently needed a person like Sultan Mehmood. Iam definitely a lucky man to have Mehmood with me in the cabinet. We shall try our levels best to form a small but the best possible cabinet for the district which may promote the party cause with honesty,sincerety and dignity.

  7. With due respect to Mr. Jillani and Mr. Guljee, your posts expose your ignorance about why certain people commit to a particular political ideology. The criterion to join a political party or to create a new party is not to make some short-cuts to win an election and become an MPA or MNA in the shortest possible time. The criterion is to promote the political ideology which may take decades. It took 27 years for Nelson Mandela to become the president of South Africa, but that is NOT what he was fighting for. His mission was to eradicate racism, bring down the monopoly of white people, and establish a just and fair society which he did through his struggle over 27 years – not just by becoming the president. Another example is of Imran Khan – he could have easily become a minister (if not prime minister), had he joined Nawaz Sharif or Zardari, but that is not what he is fighting for. He is promoting a particular political ideology (whether we agree or disagree with his ideology). The same is the case with APML which is a political party with a particular ideology and people like Sultan Mahmood have joined this party – not to become an MNA or MPA in the 2018 election but to develop the party and work towards its mission. The time will come (certainly not tomorrow) when this party will have a strong hold throughout the country.
    As for Musharraf, as a Chitrali, I have unwavering respect for him. He might have made certain mistakes when he was in power but he is for sure NOT corrupt unlike the leaders of other parties in Pakistan. I am sure both Sultans will feel honored in working with him and taking the party to new heights.

  8. we are happy now there are two Sultans but for sure there are no voters for them. I am 100 percent agree with Mr Nadir Khan. We can only pray for both Sultans for good health,because their Chief is used to go to hospital every times for a fake illnesses and finally runs away from the country. so make sure you guys stay blessed and healthy. You can enjoy his deedar only in dream.

  9. A political suicide by Sultan Mehmood, to say the least. I was not expecting this from him that he could ever make such a blunder because he has remained associated with PPP for a long time.
    He had seen a leader like Benazir Bhutto (I am not a PPP wala but BB was undoubtedly a charismatic leader).
    A man who had had a good time in PPP should not have taken such an unpopular decision.
    At least he should not have joined the bandwagon of a dictator. There are reasons why SM is a misfit for APML of Gen Musharraf. He is misfit because he has democratic background. He is a secular left winger. He is a good speaker. And he knows how to fight for the rights of people. But all this ended up in smoke with his decision to join a party for which there is no space in local as well as national politics in near future.
    Let me also apprise Sultan Mehmood why Sultan Wazir had to call it a day from the PPP? Very reliable source within the central leadership of PPP confided to this scribe that he decided to part ways with PPP after Bilawal rejected his candidature for the district president Chitral. The very first question from Bilawal in Lahore Sultan Wazir had to answer was: “Uncle, what have you done so far for the district in your capacity as a politician? Luckily or unluckily, the former bureaucrat had NOTHING in his credit. With this, the young Bilawal had to say goodbye to him with a “big thank you very much, uncle” as he failed to come up to his expectations.
    Contrary to the candidature of newly hand-picked president of APML, Sultan Mehmood was far more qualified. If he had been given such an opportunity, he could have impressed Bilawal hands down.
    To cut the long story short, there is no future for the crises riddled APML of Gen Musharraf which is evident from his TV interviews, the frustration on his face and the overall political environment of the country. The cases against him in different courts; his dictatorial approach to change party cabinet (the recent changes in Chitral) are some of the eye openers that a dictator will not be able to adopt a democratic approach to run even a so-called democratic party as dictatorship will run in his blood till he is dead. So in these circumstances, I would like to suggest Sultan Mehmood to revisit his decision and join some other party (I am not a PTI wala but I would recommend PTI as the party faces serious leadership crisis in the district) if he wants to serve the people.
    And yeh, if you are just going to stay in APML for the sake of calling yourself APML secretary general, there is no better choice than this party as it is far away from bringing close to become an MPA, MNA or even a tiny district council member. Good luck, SM!

    1. All said well, but at the end if the day it is SM who took the decision and he knows well about his own self.

  10. Congratulations Sultan Wazir and Sultan Mehmood. Sultan Mehmood is the best choice for APML Chitral chapter as Secretary General, he has guts, political vision and leadership qualities. Both Sultan Wazir and Sultan Mehmood are well qualified and community oriented personals. i am sure they will bring a new political vision and approach into chitrali politics, instead of delivering contracts.People of Chitral love Pervez Musharaf. I hope APML will be the first choice for the people of Chitral in the next election. God bless Pakistan and God bless Chitral. I am sure They both will never negotiate with others for their own interest in future but will approach to the people of Chitral and get opinion from Chitralis. And They both believe on grassroots approach.

  11. What future does the APML led by a dictator has in the country? you better join some other party like PTI. not good decision.

  12. nice pick. he is the right man for the right job. he should have been the president of PPP Chitral but there is no place for honest and educated people in PPP and Mr Sultan Mehmood decided to call it a day. we wish him best of luck in APML.

  13. Really proactive decision from APML.Congrats sir for the new position and you deserve it.

  14. Appointment of Mr. Sultan Mehmood as General Secretary For the APML Chitral is welcomed. It is a good decision of the Provincial Authorities of the APML KP Chapter. We hope Mr. Sultan Mehmood shall prove a successful GS of the party.Heartly Congratulations to Mr. Sultan Mehmood.

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