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‘Blasphemer’s family members flee from home village

CHITRAL: The family members of the mentally disturbed man accused of blasphemy in Shahi Masjid Chitral has fled to Yarkhun from Torkhow.

It has been learnt that the family left the area and is staying with a relative in Yarkhun.

Enraged people attacked the Chitral police station after the suspected blasphemer was taken there from the mosque to save him from being attacked.


3 Replies to “‘Blasphemer’s family members flee from home village”

  1. We are going down day by day. We do not even have the moral courage to comdem if something bad is taking place. We have become slaves of the slaves. The British had at least some standards, some rules, some laws but now we have become slaves of the slaves. The hardliner extremists are the decision makers. They are tactfully using the religion as a tool to exploit people. The have succeeded to branwash the youth who can go any any extent on the one call of a molvi in their so-called love for the religion.
    The so-called liberal politicians are equally greedy, corrupt and exploiter. Their agenda is same – exploit the poor under the pretext of religion, so-called change, so called development. No one is sincere with the area. A tiny counselor is expliting the innocent villagers whstvto talk of a an MPA, a district nazim etc.say The molvi is misusing the loudspeaker to protect his vested interest. The missionary and the Ismaili leadership is misusing the name of the Imam to protect their own vested interest. All resources of the AKDN institutions are misused for their incompetent children. A poor man is whether Sunni or Ismaili is the ultimate sufferer. The instent case has exposed both Sunnis and Ismailis – they badly needed educated leadership and not a nimcha mullah or a so-called pakhti pass patloon wala Choyrali angreiz to sort out these issues. We need serious public education to seer the area of these crises.

  2. Allah will never ever forgive those who hurt others without any reason.why the people are torturing the old family???they didnt do any anything shameless??they didn’t tell or guide their son to do that???they also hurt about their son’s remark…seriously, these situations of our area is torturing the mind of our youth..what we are doing and where we are going???..Allah show us the right path…aameen

  3. See Maulana Chirali how painful it has been for the 70-year old woman. She had to travel all the way from Rech to Yarkhun just because of people like you. She had to leave her village where she grew old in order to save the life of her daughter-in-law and the infant.
    Do you have any idea why she had to run? Why she had to take refuge far from her hometown at this old age? She had to run away because she wants to die at peace and does not want to be killed at the hands of religious bigots.
    She preferred to vacate her home because she knows the religious bigots will punish her for the sin which she had not committed. She must be afraid for the life of the toddler. She must be worried about the dignity of her daughter-in-law.
    It all happened because she is a poor woman. There is no one to stand by her side. She is not capable enough to respond to your hooliganism. If this had happened with someone else, it would have been you who could have been forced to run away.
    This is in no way called Islam. This is in no way justified. This is in no way a service to humanity. Islam in no way condones the actions of these extremists who resorted to killing of a mentally unstable man.
    Last but not the least, if you are man enough go and seek forgiveness from the poor woman. Convince her to go back to her hometown where she wants to die at peace and wants to be buried next to the graveyard of her husband. If you did not do this, Allah will never forgive you.

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